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Briquetting Factory

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but look under  page 5    1st:    CCS (Continuous Carboniztation System).



Youtube video. "Charbon oublié (french) shows an interesting briquetting plant in Haiti. They are using charcoal left over (dust) for briquetting, but the charcoal can also be provided by a retort carbonization.


A similar production was set up by

in Kenya     (India)

What is Briquetting Plant

Briquetting plant is an eco friendly technology to convert diverse residues like forestry, industrial and agriculture waste into solid blocks of bio-fuel. Cylindrical shaped briquettes are made with high mechanical pressure using binder less technology. Hence no need for any binder or chemical. Bio-briquettes are substitute to non renewable fossil fuels and can be used in several manufacturing industries like kilns, furnaces and boilers. Ecological bio-briquettes are pollution free and also contribute to greener surroundings which save worthy foreign exchange. The motto behind bio-briquettes is Wealth from Waste. Briquetting plant converts agriculture residues into solid bio-fuel. For farmers to earn money from waste, briquetting press is the promising substitute for green energy production. The model "JUMBO-90" works on the famous concept of binder less technology.    (India)

Biomass Briquetting Machine, Watch Briquetting Machine video - IDI EXIM, Coimbatore, India.


Real Tech Engineering


Piston Press


Piston Press


Sree Engineering Works (India)


90mm briquette plant for biomass

Roller Press from China


If you are intersted in the briquette press machine, please contact: +86 15838193807
Email: Skype: dongfang2012815


coal briquette press, roller press machine,briquetting press, coal pelletizer

15TPH coal briquette production line/ coal briquettes belt dryer


This 15TPH coal briquette production line is builded in Beijing. If u are interested in, please feel free to contact me.
Contact information: Alanna.Liu
Cellphone No.: +08613849119469

JReal Briquetagem


Mec.Ind. JReal.Brazil: (31) 3364-5501    


Prensa Briquetadeira (25 á 30 ton).wmv


Prensa Briquetadeira .mp4



Latest News 2022,

i developed drawings for 2 concepts for a
low-cost carbonization of coffee husks!

One concept is an "Open Pit Drum System"



the other one,

a "Rotary Drum Carbonizer"

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