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Welcome on this side for stoves and retorts for biomass conversion (pyrolysis)

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* "adam-retort"


The "adam-retort"® / ICPS (Improved Charcoal Production System)
a modern and unique batch unit to produce charcoal
or biomass charcoal more environmentally friendly!      (low-cost system)


* " Earth Mound Kiln "


traditional wood carbonization since hundred of years...

A note to charcoal consumtion and improved cookstoves.


* " Continuous Carbonization System"


a Continuous Carbonization System for light bio mass
(agricultural residues, saw dust, wood chips)


* " 3-Stone fire "


a plaeydoyer for a 3-stone fire !


* " Burundi  Community Stove "           


institutional stove made out of bricks for different fuels


* " Multi Fuel Bread Oven "

bread oven for communities


* " New PDI Family  Cooker "


* " Water Boiling Test/ Boiling Time  Factor "

Pakistan Design Institute, Karachi
improved household stove

BTF, a new concept for water boiling tests for stove evaluations

* "mobile adam-retort"


*  "Coffee Husk Carbonization
&  Briquetting"



A mobile retort on the base of 2 oil drums




A proposal for
Coffee Husks Carbonization
 and information on briquetting